Srixon ZX7 MKII Driver [HZRDS BLK 60]


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Product details

Made possible by exploring innovative molded plywood techniques, Iskos-Berlin’s Soft Edge Chair blends strong curves with extreme lightness to create a three-dimensionality not usually possible with 2-D plywood.


Mens Right Hand, Mens Left Hand


Stiff, Regular


9 Degrees, 10.5 Degrees


Featuring a more compact, confidence-inspiring silhouette that delivers the complete range of clubhead adjustability—including two swappable heel and toe weights plus an adjustable hosel sleeve—ZX7 Mk II lets you easily produce the launch conditions needed for maximum workability and complex shot-making.

A Transfer of Power: Next-generation ZX drivers bring tour-level performance and revolutionary energy transfer technology to the tee box, giving you more power where it counts – at impact. A stronger Rebound Frame design with dual flex zones delivers purer energy transfer from the club face through the bell, enhancing distance on every shot. Plus, with a range of clubhead adjustable options, ZX MKII Drivers deliver total confidence, control, and performance.

Rebound Frame: The Rebound Frame’s Dual Flex Zones focus more energy into the golf ball at impact, creating a purer energy transfer that instantaneously increases ball speed and distance on every strike.

Star Frame Crown: A complex series of ridges and latticework provides the structural integrity necessary to feature a remarkably thin titanium crown and to place discretionary mass where it best suits each ZX Mk II Driver’s ideal launch and spin characteristics.

Adjustability: Two weight port locations allow you to adjust swing weight and Center of Gravity to favour a draw or fade shape. An adjustable hosel also allows for varying loft, lie, and face angles.

Variable Thickness Face: An intricate variable thickness pattern expands the high COR area across the entire clubface. These unique ridges enhance high COR from heel to toe by improving how energy reflects into the ball on off-centre shots.

Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 60 – low-launch, low-spin.

5.0 A: Senior

5.5 R: Regular

6.0 S: Stiff

6.5 X: Extra Stiff

Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

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