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Complete overview of the Drive2 PTV by Yamaha Golf Cart

Interested in buying a golf cart? Many are. When choosing one, essential things to consider include function, form, and of course, comfort. The Drive2 PVT (personal transportation vehicle), by Yamaha golf cart, covers all three. Yamaha, over 60 years, has gained a reputation as a reliable manufacturing company, and they do not disappoint with their latest product.

Yamaha Golf Cart

The Basics

This golf cart by Yamaha has electronic fuel injection for its fuel system. As expected, its engine is a Yamaha product, and it is a low-emission single-cylinder with a capacity of 357 ccs. Its oil capacity is in the ballpark of one U.S. quart or one liter. Lubrication wise, the system is splash-style positive oil lubrication. The cooling system is forced cooling, and the starting system is a starter-generator with a pedal start. Its air cleaner works in two stages, one being a urethane-foam pre-cleaner, and the other being a high-capacity pleated paper cartridge.

QuieTech EFI

One of the Drive2 PVT’s standout features is its QuieTech EFI (electronic fuel injection) technology. Compared to its competition. The Drive2 PVT releases the fewest hydrocarbon emissions. Most notably, this innovation proudly generates the lowest decibel output compared to other gas cars, and it boasts the first-ever Independent Rear Suspension in a personal transport vehicle in the industry. All this makes for a ride that is more fuel-efficient, quieter, and more comfortable.

Yamaha Golf Cart Drive2

Any Way You Want It

For those looking to stand out from the crowd, the Drive2 is ready. The Drive2 comes in an assortment of colors, nine to be exact, that can add some spice to one’s ride. It is also customizable in other ways. Audio, golf, electrical, and protection are some of the many options one can seek to adjust their vehicle to their needs.

Choose Your Own Adventure

This model of Yamaha golf cart is capable of traveling anywhere at any time. A day at the beach? An afternoon at the golf course? Going camping? This vehicle is suitable for all these trips and more. The Drive2 PVT has also adopted LED lights that are brighter and can light more ground than the previously used halogen lights. So now, not only can one go out in this Yamaha golf cart, but one can also go out at night with nothing to fear.

An Affordable Luxury

The Drive2 PVT Yamaha golf cart was designed with quality in mind. Some of its main features include a rear-facing flip seat that can seat passengers or hold cargo, a wide, contoured, and most importantly ergonomic seat, a large sun top with downspouts for rain drain that also happens to be clog proof, and of course, plenty of legroom. As of now, the Drive2 PVT offers the most legroom in its class. The Drive2 PVT was also designed for the modern driver. Its steering wheel was created to be comfortable and easy to handle. For the driver in need of their tech, for example, phone, always charged, the Drive2 offers two USB connections. The cherry on top would be, of course, its automotive-style dash, perfect for holding drinks, snacks, or even mobile devices.



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