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Golf Cart Repair Guide: A Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Performing preventative maintenance on your golf cart is the first step in making sure it lasts for a long time.

It is always best (and cheaper) to do preventative maintenance than to fix something after the fact. Check out this guide to golf cart repairs:

Battery Checks

The life forces of your golf cart are the batteries. Ensure that you keep your batteries in tip-top shape to keep your golf cart running well for a long time. Make sure to regularly:

  • Read up on the manufacturer recommendations for your batteries from your gold cart manual.
  • Always recharge the batteries after use, even if they are not entirely drained.
  • Make sure the charger and battery connection are tight, and there are no loose wires.
  • Check the battery terminals for corrosion, dirt, and grime.
  • Inspect the batteries’ water level. The plates inside the battery should be fully submerged in water, and if not, water should be added. Never use tap water but rather distilled water, so you do not harm the battery cells
Golf Cart Repair: A preventive maintenance checklist


Always test your brake shoes, cable, and brake fluid at least twice a year as you would with a standard vehicle. As with your car, the brakes are essential to the cart’s functioning.


The cart’s tires should always be filled up to the manufacturer’s recommendations like you would with your car tires. Having too little or too much air in your tires can damage them, causing replacements sooner than expected.

Lights and Mirrors

Not all golf carts have mirrors, but they should be checked regularly to ensure safe driving. Lights should also be checked so that you aren’t stuck out in the dark with no lighting.


The suspension on golf carts needs regular lubrication along with the rack and pinion steering to ensure that all joints are in good working order and that none are grinding and causing joints to wear prematurely.


To keep your golf cart in its prime for the longest, you should store it where it is safe from the outdoor elements. If you can store your golf cart in an ideal garage, otherwise try at least to keep it under cover from the sun and precipitation.


Any gauges that your golf cart comes with, most are just for the battery charge, should always be overseen to ensure no function loss. These can also be checked during the cart’s annual maintenance check that a professional should always do.

It is imperative to have your golf cart serviced annually by a professional so that they can find any issues that we may not have listed here. As directed by the manufacturer, annual maintenance will help keep your golf cart in great shape for a long time.

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