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Discover the New ELiTE Lithium Golf Carts from E-Z-GO

E-Z-GO has outdone themselves again with the new ELiTE lithium Golf Cars

The new ELiTE Lithium line, featuring four models of the most efficient, lightweight, zero-maintenance golf carts ever, including one six-passenger model. How can this be possible? Read on to see how this was accomplished and why you need one today!

The 8-Year Warranty With Zero-Maintenance

E-Z-GO EliTE lithium series vehicles are packed with incredible features from the ground up. Start with the Samsung SDI lithium battery. Due to the reliability of the battery, E-Z-GO is now able to offer an 8-year battery warranty. Yes, an eight-year warranty is unheard of in the battery world. Still, the reliability of these lithium batteries, coupled with the advanced Battery Management System, makes for a zero-maintenance system with no watering and no terminal post-cleaning. The Battery Management System can monitor efficiency, temperatures, state of charge, and the health of the battery on its own so that you focus on your game carefree.

Recharging Features, Battery Life, and Power Are Unbeatable 

Consistent, long-lasting power without frequent recharging means you can head out to the hills for over three rounds of golf without a single worry about whether your cart will make it back or not.  Speaking of long-lasting power, unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, the ELiTE lithium golf carts batteries can be charged anytime and for any amount of time. But that’s not all, the time your battery is spent plugged in is even more efficient, as the ELiTE lithium golf cart battery charges two times faster than a lead-acid battery.

The Savings Are Incredible

The benefits don’t stop there, however. One of the best features of the new ELiTE lithium golf carts is the money you’ll be saving. Because they are so lightweight, 250 pounds less than the average lead-acid battery-powered cart to be exact, there’s less wear and tear on your turf, which means less money to be spent on turf repair. These golf carts also use only ½ of the out of the wall energy as an average lead-acid powered cart. For example, the E-Z-GO RXV Elite Lithium, a popular choice, uses 2.98 KWhr compared to a Yamaha Drive AC lead-acid, which uses 6.23 KWhr. The overall cost to operate between these two models, again puts the ELiTE RXV far ahead of Yamaha Drive, with the ELiTE costing, on average, $3,000 and the Yamaha $6,230.

What People Are Raving About

The ELiTE lithium golf cart is so advanced and unique that comparison to regular lead-acid battery holding carts may not be quite as fair as apples to apples. Let’s have a look at what people are saying about this work of art, because with over 80,000 carts at over 1350 locations, these drivers must be on to something! Paul Grillo, executive director of Sterling Farms Golf Course, says he’s seen savings of “over $2,000 a month on our electric bills,” which quickly covers the cost of upgrading. Cheryl Howard, general manager Chestatee Golf Club, finds the carts to be “durable and trustworthy,” and says now she doesn’t have to worry about running out of carts by the end of the day.

All Around, the E-Z-GO ELiTE Is Easily the Best

ELiTE lithium golf carts blow the competition away in numerous ways.  They offer an 8-year battery warranty with the advanced Battery Management System. They also require zero-maintenance. The battery lasts over three rounds before recharging. It charges quickly, and the golf cart is lightweight and uses less energy. Best of all, the ELiTE lithium golf carts will save you a serious amount of money on maintenance, turf repair, and electricity!


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